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Witchy Services

Readings - Special Events - House Clearings - Mentorship - Life Transition Coaching


Readings guide insight and focus. They tell you or confirm what you need to know to move forward. Readings are abut personal choice. You always have the choice to choose to act on the insights you receive. We use various divination tools depending on our clients and their needs. A Reading is never a replacement for medical or professional advice. Contact us Below for more details and scheduling. 

Therapeutic Tarot

The Tarot can be an effective Tool to help with mental wellness. It can be easier to see and face your struggles, worries or fears when they are in front of you in the cards. As a seasoned Mental health professional, I blend my skills with the Tarot to guide my clients on their healing journey by starting with a simple Problem/Action/Outcome session to begin their journey forward.

Intuitive Guidance

As we connect with guides, spirit and our intuition we gently lead you in discovering what you need on your spiritual journey. Our tools may reveal insights into your past, present and future challenges, opportunities, and potential outcomes. Spiritual connections may present themselves as loves ones, animals or symbols. 

Magickal Mentorship

A personalized opportunity to explore learning about Paganism, Witchcraft, and Energy/Reiki, and Divination. Discover new spiritual paths that will help you see your world through an exciting lens.

 Get in touch to book a session and learn more.

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